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Currently Trying & First Impressions

Hi there! Today I have a little post sharing my newest beauty/skincare finds! I am seriously always on the lookout for new items when it comes to my skin, hair, makeup and health. It is very rare that I find a product and just stick to it-aside from a small group of products that I use daily and have used for quite some time. I think I will share in a future post my holy grail items; the ones that always are on the repurchase list (because that list is very very small!). I am forever on a journey to find healthier (less chemicals or completely natural) product alternatives, but unfortunately for much of my beauty routine, I haven't found those alternatives that I am completely happy with and willing to stray from the "bad" products. Granted, this post has items that are the "better alternatives", so we will see how the products end up working for me in the long run! The picture belong looks a little warm/orange toned to me-so I am not sure what hap…

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